I had every intention, until these last few days to title this blog ‘Solidarity’. That was, until I spent some time reflecting on a recent and rare opportunity. As most of you know, we lost our 26 year old son, Nick, after a 13+ year battle to find long term, affordable, quality care for mental […]

How does one ‘see’ a butterfly in a caterpillar? Who has that ability? Our lives, all of us, carry the opportunity for great transformation. But how does this occur? After loving and losing Nick, I have asked myself these questions many times; the questions of “how?” and “what now?” The brokenness and devastation that we […]

At first glance the thought of’ beautiful brokenness seems an oxymoron. When something breaks we immediately thinks it has lost it’s worth. We discard it. This may be true of a dinner plate, but how about something of great value, such as a priceless vase…  or a person? What then? The art of kintsugi pottery […]

Lost……..that’s the dominant thought and reoccurring emotion I have had since we lost our 26 year old son Nick to addiction and mental illness. It’s not an emotion that I am unfamiliar with however. I can’t look back on a life filled with success upon success. The work/career that I found myself in for nearly […]

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