On May 29th of 2010, we lost our 26 year old son, Nick, after a 13 year struggle to find long term, affordable, quality recovery and care, grounded in good science and evidenced-based best practices for mental illness and addiction.

At the time of his death, I recalled a conversation from years prior where a lady who had suffered enormous loss due to Hurricane Katrina was asked how she was able to move forward. She said, “At some point in my grief, I stopped asking ‘why me?’ and began asking ‘what now?'” This blog is a part of the “what now?” for the many “other Nicks” who crowd our shadows.

‘Beautiful Boy – More Than An Addict’ is an attempt to tell the story of the journey that Nick and all those who loved him have walked. Our hope is that this film helps put a human face on the statistics and both contributes to and encourages wider conversations about how we treat people suffering from the unrelenting diseases of addiction and mental illness.

All of this is for a better day.

Jim Contopulos – wciac@yahoo.com

8th July 2013

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